Power Plant Management

With this module, all processes related to plant management can be performed such as preparation of daily plans, making necessary notifications to EPİAŞ / EXIST operations to EPİAŞ / EXIST system, following the received instructions, monitoring of plant production, analysis and reporting.

Production management

  • Preparation of annual, monthly and daily production budget / plans.
  • Preparation of detailed daily production plans according to water, elevation, reserve, wind forecast etc. Preparation of alternative plans according to customer consumption, bilateral agreements and price estimates.
  • Santral üretim programlarının santral ara yüzlerinden bildirimi, anlık iletişim.
  • Long-term budget / plan realization reports.
  • Power plant daily production performance and activity reports.
  • Hourly, daily, monthly preliminary reconciliation reports, debt debt tracking.
  • Final conciliation reports, production trade summary and detail reports.
  • Meteorological realization and forecasting data tracking.
  • Failure / maintenance activities reports.
  • Follow-up of plant generation by relay, scada, amr or manual input.
  • Integration with 3rd party software.

Day Ahead Market Module

  • Logging in to the MMS system based on daily schedules (gradual hour, block, flexible offers).
  • Entry and approval of bilateral agreements into the MMS system.
  • Receiving instructions from MMS system, notification via automatic mail.
  • Monitoring of EPID data (DAM Supply Demand, DGP Instructions, YEKDEM etc.).
  • Automatic transfer of the approved production program to the production tracking module.
  • EPİAŞ / EXIST System Buying Receiving sales approvals, email notifications.

Balancing Power Market Intraday Market Module

  • EAK, UPSP inputs. All DGP web service operations.
  • Analysis screens for determining YAL / YAT strategies.
  • YAL / YAT offers DGPYS entries via web service.
  • MKÜD, YEKDEM entries via web service.
  • Automatic transfer of the current production schedule and received instructions to the production web module.
  • PFK, SFK transactions and DGPYS web service notifications.
  • Daily report, constraint report, automatic download of fault reports, display.
  • Possibility of preparing special notification screens for ECM (intraday market) and integration of web service.
  • Email, sms notifications, visual and audio warnings of received instructions.

Power Plant Tracking

  • Monitoring of power plant production programs, online notification to power plant.
  • Representation of instructions received.
  • Power plant production notifications.
  • Automatic and instant tracking of power plant realizations via relay, scada, amr etc. system.
  • Various warning messages, control reports.
  • Fault and maintenance notifications, follow-up.
  • Web / Desktop based interfaces and integration with central information system.
  • Web / mobile based tracking interfaces via map.